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Vineeto to Subscriber No. 3

See Mailing List ‘D’: No. 2

16 JANUARY 2010

SUBSCRIBER NO. 3: Outstanding news! Congratulations are in order. I had guessed at St Peter, but the busty Sanyasin too? :-) My warmest regards to you all. Your sincerity, resolve and persistence continues to inspire me. This is great news for the humanity at large.

There is sunlight today after many days in North India. The keystrokes on this tiny laptop of mine, sounds of unnamed birds outside the window, and some atmospheric bursts of noise are in no way disturbing of the stillness that has bathed me after reading the announcement and reports.

VINEETO: I am none too sure if your addressing Peter as ‘St. Peter’ and Vineeto as ‘the busty Sanyasin’ is a bad attempt at humour or a dimly disguised dig.

Whatever the case, I enjoyed your subsequent description of the stillness you experienced after reading the announcement and reports.

SUBSCRIBER NO. 18: Hi Vineeto Greetings from this part of the world.

I could not help but notice a particular phrase in your report (which was part of the announcement) and contemplate whether the experience which lay behind the phrasing was symptomatic of an ASC.

Vineeto: ‘but my thoughts/words were rather emerging from a surprising overall all-encompassing awareness that then voiced results out of a reservoir of my accumulated knowledge and experience on a particular topic’ (emphasis added).

I notice that you re-emphasize the over-all aspect of this awareness by using first the word ‘overall’ and then ‘all-encompassing’. Would you like to elaborate on the ‘all encompassing awareness’ phrasing, as it clearly echoes spiritual experiences? For just a few examples, as I searched the internet for ‘all encompassing awareness’: [snipped examples]

VINEETO: An ‘overall all-encompassing awareness’ is what Richard generally describes as apperceptive awareness. The trouble with an actual freedom is that it is a recent evolutionary addition to human consciousness experience and therefore almost all the descriptive words for consciousness experiences are already defined by spiritual people for their own purposes – apparently even the innocuous word ‘overall’!

You can rest assured that neither Richard nor Peter nor I would have gone ahead with a public announcement of such epoch-changing implications and ramifications had we not all been absolutely sure about the nature of the events described. Your suggestion that my experience was a mere ASC questions not only my integrity but that of Richard and Peter as well and makes me wonder if you were aware of point No. 7 as to how the mail-out system basically operates or if you have perhaps subscribed rather hastily and prematurely –

7. This mail-out facility is only for those ready and willing to join the three of us here in this actual world ... and sooner rather than later. (Announcement).

It seems that for your sake I will have to parrot the exact-same words that Richard uses instead of my own description of this ongoing magic and marvellous experience in order for you to not confuse me with a Buddhist scholar or an Arhat or some other spiritual nitwit – a confusion which sent you delving into the copious Buddhist/ Hindu scriptures for dubious evidence to justify your insulted/ misunderstood suspicion.

As for feeling insulted/ misunderstood, in a recent post to the Yahoo list you said –

[Subscriber No. 3]: An insult to the ‘I’ will not get fully deleted till the ‘I’ remains. Many of us felt insulted/ misunderstood in our conversations with P/V (especially V) and that scar may only go away completely when ‘I’ am no more. (Yahoo list No. 8331, 18.12.2009).

It may just be that your image of ‘Vineeto’, distorted by seemingly interminable emotional scars, prevents you from reading my words describing my first experiences as an actual free person with both eyes open?

Just a thought.

Cheers Vineeto

Mail Out 12

Richard to Subscriber No. 3

17 JANUARY 2010

SUBSCRIBER NO. 3: I would like to be un-subscribed from the mail out facility. [...snip a 104-word critique of Vineeto...]. And as I am unsubscribing from this mail out facility, I am obviously not interested in receiving further emails on this matter.

Regards, No. 3

P.S.: [...snip a 220-word postscriptum critique of Vineeto...].

RICHARD: G’day No. 3,

There is a do-it-yourself unsubscribe footer at the bottom of each mail-out (just above the SPAM report footer).




P.S.: Just as the crew of the MSV Actualis is choosing itself so too, it would appear, are those [quote] ‘ready and willing’ [endquote], to join the three of us here in this actual world, also choosing themselves. Vis.:

7. This mail-out facility is only for those ready and willing to join the three of us here in this actual world ... and sooner rather than later. (Announcement).

To explain: this mail-out facility is not yet another cross-chat/ peer-group discussion forum – both the Yahoo general discussion group and the Google private discussion group already serve that purpose admirably – but is instead a 30-day opportunity to intensify an already-heightened awareness of immanent destiny, which the long-awaited public announcement must have surely awakened in all but the jaded, whereby interacting only one-on-one (hence the deliberate choice of the mail-out format) with those newly here in this actual world, whilst their immediate reports are refreshingly raw and direct, can only have a beneficial effect on anyone genuinely ‘ready and willing’ to join us here in paradise.

‘Tis a unique opportunity – a never before and never again opportunity – to be history in the making.

See Mailing List ‘D’: No. 2

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