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This mail-out system basically operates as follows:

1. Any email the three of us here in this actual world respond to will be automatically sent to all persons subscribed (just like a regular mailing list discussion forum).

2. The main difference is any email from any subscriber is directed only to the three of us (no other subscriber gets any email which any of the other subscribers send).

3. All emails any of the three of us respond to will publicly appear only on The Actual Freedom Trust website (first made anonymous as usual).

4. There is no off-site public archive where original emails automatically appear (such as is the case at Yahoo Groups for instance).

5. None of us here can guarantee all queries/all requests will be responded to; if a particular query/ request gets overlooked/is not responded to, and is important enough to warrant a second perusal, by all means re-send it (with a reminder).

6. The days of responding to all and sundry – to those in alignment to what is actual, to those opposed to what is actual, and to those anywhere in between – are over, finished, kaput.

7. This mail-out facility is only for those ready and willing to join the three of us here in this actual world ... and sooner rather than later.

8. This mail-out facility is not yet another cross-chat/ peer-group discussion forum – both the Yahoo general discussion group and the Google private discussion group already serve that purpose admirably – but is instead a 30-day opportunity to intensify an already-heightened awareness of immanent destiny, which the long-awaited public announcement must have surely awakened in all but the jaded, whereby interacting only one-on-one (hence the deliberate choice of the mail-out format) with those newly here in this actual world, whilst their immediate reports are refreshingly raw and direct, can only have a beneficial effect on anyone genuinely ‘ready and willing’ to join us here in paradise. ‘Tis a unique opportunity – a never before and never again opportunity – to be history in the making.

Regards, Richard, Peter, Vineeto

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