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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Induce a PCE?

Richard, what were you doing to induce PCE’s ‘on an almost daily basis’ all those years ago? * By the way, the part of HAIETMOBA? that induced a PCE for me one day were the words ‘this moment’. They grabbed my attention, stopped me and ... presto changeo , actuality bloomed.

Richard ... I have a question. How do I induce a PCE? I ask and ask myself how it is I’m experiencing this moment of being alive and still there is no pure consciousness experience. I haven’t had one yet. How can I go about bringing one up? Should I try and focus on what my senses are experiencing (i.e. paying attention to colours, noises, smells, textures, and such) and ignore feelings? Because when I ask myself how it is I’m experiencing this moment of being alive, I am always experiencing this moment of being alive through some feeling, usually a strong feeling (i.e. being bored, nervous, scared, regretful, etc.) and so I pay full-attention to my internal state and what’s going on in my psyche and I get all caught up in what’s going on in there so much so that I am not able to ‘live as these senses’. Thus, I wonder that maybe I should switch my focus from paying attention to my internal state of affairs when asking myself how I’m experiencing this moment of being alive, to exclusively focusing on what is happening externally (sensately).

Can you help me in remembering any PCE that I had? Can you give me some good pointers and questions and help/assist me with your expertise on human condition to uncover any such pure experience I had?

It appears that Actual Freedom is akin to the effects of psychotropic drugs when not overdosed and when one does not loose oneself in the imagination, but stays in the here & now and without addicting qualities on the one hand because of the absence of a pleasure/ pain centre on the other hand because the effect is permanent. Is that correct?

Richard gave a wonderful description on how to induce a peak-experience... I have a bit of trouble summoning up delight (as Richard suggests), as it seems imaginary, as opposed to the release that comes with facing issues. That is still under consideration though.

I cannot recall a PCE. If this is a barrier to understanding actualism, being actual, then obviously I’d like to do that. I’d like to do it anyway if it might be at all useful or good (whatever those words mean). I’m still not sure what comprises them. I’ve had what you call Aesthetic Experience, Spiritual Revelation, Religious Vision, Intellectual Insight, and Emotional Intuition, but I’m not sure I’ve had this PCE thing. If it is different from the others, and if as you suggest you can somehow remind me, there would, I assume, be an immense actual thrill in the knowing of it. Assuming, as you say, that I must have had a PCE at some time in my life, has, in some sense, my entire life been inauthentic since then?

Richard, was it HAIETMOBA that induced your first PCE or did you develop the HAIETMOBA method as a result of a spontaneous PCE?

Two months ago I decided to test thoroughly influence of psylocibin. I had been taking for 2 weeks day after day (7-12 liberty caps/day which is not much but has effect tested is the same as double quantity). During first week my body purified itself which effect was that I felt (I still do) weightlessness of body (as if some burden was flushed out) and senses sensitivity increased. After two weeks I stopped intake than I took again once after month and did not notice as I mentioned much difference between psylocibin trip (trip is itself wrong word here) and my ordinary state.

Hello, I’m new to this list. I need help remembering a PCE. Richard wrote that he’s helped many people recall at least one PCE? How did he induce this recall? Couldn’t you explain a little how you were able to help others recall a PCE. You said that this happened only in person but can’t you give some idea of how they were able to remember a PCE in your presence?

I can’t seem to remember a PCE very well. If I do in fact have a memory of one, it isn’t strong enough to have an impact on me. How do I get started if I don’t have any definite memory of a PCE? When I think of things real far back in my childhood, everything is like a dream. Did this and that really happen? I can’t be sure. I don’t trust my memories.

For the past few days after running the question I have met with more success but I haven’t yet been able to induce a PCE. Asking the question doesn’t produce a huge change but it effectively makes me realize that I haven’t felt good for a brief period of time and hence the question was asked. I am, usually, able to getting back to feeling good but not able to induce a PCE. Can I have your help, Richard?

As I too cannot recall a PCE (and never had one yet), I printed your email out of interest and spent about an hour thinking over it ... reading each words/ sentences carefully (often re- reading several times). Your meticulousness in explaining the approach did give me some clarity in this matter. These days it is merely a matter of seeing where sincerity lacks (and thus naiveté is missing) ... and this alone tells a lot of about where I am missing attentiveness. For instance, the other day, I noticed how much ‘maneuvering’ (an opposite of naiveté) I subconsciously exhibit in matters related to women... and how that is preventing a carefree/ felicitous experience at these times.

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