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Richard’s Selected Correspondence

On the Magic of the Actual World

RICHARD: It is all rather magical.

RESPONDENT: Funny Richard you are to mention this, as this brings me back to one of my very first posts which I wrote, when I was in Oz staying at No. 12’s and his spouse’s place. There I started to question this premise of being free from both I in toto. Basically I was agreeing that I as a Soul is complete nonsense yet, I brought up the question of the existence of the Soul obviously not as ‘I’ yet, definitely not non existent, far as I recall you have not commented on that.

RICHARD: I have just now read through all eleven of your early posts – up until your post of 1/3/2001 where you said that you were then writing from Harlem in The Netherlands – and have been unable to find any question about ‘the existence of the Soul’ ... maybe it became lost?

But to comment: what I mean when I refer to ‘me’ a soul is not just the religious/spiritual concept but, more importantly, the feeling of being ‘me’ – which is a feeling of being in the heart rather than in the head – it is ‘me’ at the core of ‘my’ being ... which is ‘being’ itself (an inner ‘presence’).

RESPONDENT: So ... although I know that the concept of soul is and has been a so called spiritual concept, I am tempted to reintroduce it into Actualism as this Magical aspect.

RICHARD: Why on earth would you want to do that ... souls do not have the corner on the magical aspect do they?

Incidentally, I was using the word ‘magical’ in its stage-magician sense of prestidigitation. Vis.:

• [Richard]: ‘... all ‘I’ had to do for it [the meaning of life] to be apparent was to disappear. It is all rather magical’.

Also, this actual world is rather magical in the way it is all just here right now of its own accord (without any cause).

RESPONDENT: Well I guess that is bit of the bottom line. And it [it is all rather magical] will be evaluated as such that ultimately, any occurrence/ event in one’s life has this implicit ‘quality’ of magic.

RICHARD: Good ... doing so can only assist in the reawakening of one’s innate naiveté (which is the closest one can get to innocence whilst being a ‘self’).

RICHARD: Be duly advised how the portrayal of the out-of-the-ordinary experience which follows this indispensable preface will have diverse effect dependent upon where the reader/the listener is coming from, where the reader/the listener is at, and where the reader/the listener is heading for ... namely: if the reader/the listener is of a materialistic conviction it will be an account of a weird and whacky event; if the reader/the listener is of a spiritualist persuasion it will be testimony to a miraculous and magnipotent manifestation; if the reader/the listener is of an actualistic attitude it will be a report of a marvellous and magical prodigy.


The reason why the word ‘magic’ is utilised (magic as in prestidigitation and not as in a sorcerer’s magic) is because no other word currently exists to adequately convey how a lifetime of cares and woes – all the misery and mayhem which epitomises the human condition – can vanish in an instant (and vanish so completely as to have never been in the first place).

What I have written elsewhere may be of some assistance in comprehension. Vis.:

• [Richard]: (...) it has to be experienced, as a flesh and blood body only (as in here in this actual world) in order to understand how things operate in actuality. And, just as stone-age natives thought of cameras/ photographs as ‘magic’ boxes/ ‘magic’ pictures (and not as the readily explicable technology it is) so too is the way in which things can operate here quite ‘magical’. (07 January 2010).

In other words, just as it took millennia for humankind collectively to comprehend heliocentricity, for instance, so too may it be ages before the way things operate in actuality – how things function here in this actual world – be properly examined, be hypothesised about, be rigorously tested and, thus, explained in such a manner that the word ‘magical’ (as in ‘magic’ boxes/ ‘magic’ pictures) need never be utilised again.

Ain’t life grand! (Announcement Page, Tooltips)

The Floating Convivium Project

[Richard]: As the mailing list format had reached its use-by date more than a few years ago (having out-lived its usefulness), and as already signalled, it is more than likely that the personal way of knowing about me will become available, albeit selectively, some time in the new year; although it is way too early to publicly say more, at this stage, plans are afoot (subject to the funding being finalised) to not only facilitate this direct access but enable an informal interaction with several other actualists as well. (List D, No. 19, 30 Nov 2009)

RICHARD: (...) To explain: although I had declined each and every personal-meeting request for twelve years, for a number of reasons, I was not oblivious to the fact how the persons concerned might benefit, in whatever way it may be for them individually, from personally interacting (rather than just by either the written or spoken words in pixels/print or video format).

There were, quite obviously, several factors to take into account if such interactions to occur:

1. I have never been keen on either formal meetings or scheduled appointments.

2. Given the costs involved in somebody taking time off work and travelling, say, halfway around the world and back then a single meeting comprising of, say, an hour or two might be too little for too much.

3. A series of meetings would, of necessity, involve securing accommodation, food and beverages over that extended period.

4. It is common practice for peoples to annually take a vacation.

As it had become increasingly apparent to all the directors of The Actual Freedom Trust how it would be benefactive, for those appreciative of having their actualism practice intensified by physical proximity, it was deemed eminently sensible to make available a venue wherein it would be possible to interact for a prearranged period, on a daily basis and as a part of everyday life, with not only myself but other actualists as well (with fellow travellers). The reasons for considering such a course of events arose out of the following:

1. As I was no longer engaged in sharing my discovery with my fellow human being via a keyboard my days were now fully available to do something else with.

2. I had been contemplating a lifestyle change, since turning sixty, which involved relocating to the coral reefs, tropical islands and turquoise lagoons off the north-eastern seaboard of Australia.

3. As my third wife had been the sole beneficiary of interacting with me on a daily basis, over the last decade, it became quite pointedly apparent that this exclusivity was effectively denying my other fellow human beings of the advantage which live-in or daily-living company brings.

4. My select associates had expressed an abiding interest in both the unique opportunity of a more intimate acquaintance as well as the idyllic lifestyle change to those paradisiacal environs ... complete with an affective vibe- and psychic current-free ambience such as to be conducive to the generation or maintenance of a felicitous and innocuous out-from-control/ different-way-of-being atmosphere so as to foster a happy and harmless milieu.

Accordingly, plans were set afoot to someday sell-up all our individual assets and collectively purchase, build, or have custom-built, an ocean-going vessel of suitable dimensions and capacity whereon the aforementioned holiday accommodation, food and beverages could be obtained via an informal reciprocal gifting arrangement comparable to what it would commercially cost a vacationer anyway.

(Please note that no additional monetary outlay was countenanced – not even that well-nigh ubiquitous ‘donation’ incumbent upon those guru-circuit peoples – as the equivalent-to-commercial vacation-style exchange would be sufficient unto itself).


As the ship (the MS Actualis) will serve as a residence as well as a venue, with the potential to travel virtually anywhere in the world if need be, it was apposite to call it ‘The Floating Convivium Project’ (from the Latin for ‘feast’ as in the enjoyment of jovial banquets and good company; the quality of being convivial; the relishing of festivity and so on).

There is more to both an actual and a virtual freedom from the human condition than nuclear couples living in separate homes; the overall aim is to provide the genesis of peoples living peacefully and harmoniously together on a community-wide basis.

I just happen to particularly like the boating life-style.

Regards, Richard.


RICHARD: Please stand by for a long-awaited public announcement, due to be made early in the new year, the consequences of which will have far-reaching implications and ramifications for anyone vitally interested in both an actual and a virtual freedom from the human condition. (List D, to All, 30.12.2009)

RICHARD: That long-awaited public announcement can now be accessed by clicking on the heading ‘A Long-Awaited Public Announcement’ (to be found only three paragraphs below the ‘Actual Freedom’ logo).

Please be prepared to be either shocked, appalled or delighted.

(It depends upon whether the title ‘The Third Alternative’, and all what it signifies, has been properly understood, in view of the truly magical nature of a PCE, or not).

DIRECTORS: The directors of The Actual Freedom Trust take great pleasure in making public knowledge of a direct route at the end of the wide and wondrous path (now both gentrified and rendered secure) to an actual freedom from the human condition – a down-to-earth manumission hitherto only available dangerously via spiritual enlightenment/ mystical awakenment – which has been pioneered by Peter, on the 30th of December 2009, thus making him the first person to become actually free of the instinctual passions/the identity formed thereof  after Richard’s paradigm-shattering breakthrough in 1992.

The directors are also as equally pleased in making public knowledge of how Vineeto experientially confirmed the accessibility, safety and utter simplicity of this direct route, on the 4th of January 2010, thus making her the first woman to be actually free of the instinctual passions/the identity formed thereof. (It is now readily apparent that, where the menfolk went, there too did a woman go ... and sooner rather than eventually)!

As such, these two once-in-a-lifetime altruistic actions have ushered in a brand new era in human experience/ human history. (...)


Addendum 2: The directors of The Actual Freedom Trust take great pleasure in announcing that Pamela became actually free of the instinctual passions/the identity formed thereof on the 27th of January 2010. (...)

Addendum 4: The directors of The Actual Freedom Trust take great pleasure in announcing that [name withheld] became actually free of the instinctual passions/the identity formed thereof  on the 30th of January 2010.



The Third Alternative

(Peace On Earth In This Life Time As This Flesh And Blood Body)

Here is an actual freedom from the Human Condition, surpassing Spiritual Enlightenment and any other Altered State Of Consciousness, and challenging all philosophy, psychiatry, metaphysics (including quantum physics with its mystic cosmogony), anthropology, sociology ... and any religion along with its paranormal theology. Discarding all of the beliefs that have held humankind in thralldom for aeons, the way has now been discovered that cuts through the ‘Tried and True’ and enables anyone to be, for the first time, a fully free and autonomous individual living in utter peace and tranquillity, beholden to no-one.

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