Actual Freedom – Selected Correspondence by Topic

Richard’s Selected Correspondence

On Calenture

RESPONDENT: It was man’s version of the ‘Divine Realm’ that caused the problems; not the divine realm.

RICHARD: There is no ‘Divine Realm’ other than ‘man’s version’ (except woman’s version). All divinity is a product of feverish human imagination. There is a very good word for this globally occurring apparition: calenture.

RESPONDENT: What is the definition of the word? I only know clementine.

RICHARD: Calenture is an incredibly useful word as it describes the delirious passion needed to manifest the delusion that:

1: There is a God;
2: I am in contact with that God ... or:
3. I am that God.

Calenture is a name formerly given to various fevers occurring in tropics, among sailors, which sometimes led the affected person to imagine the sea to be a green field, and to throw himself into it. Vis.: ‘calenture; n.: [1593; ka-len-chur]: a form of furious delirium accompanied by fever; calenturally; adv.: to see as in the delirium of one affected with calenture: [poetic]: ‘Hath fed on pageants floating through the air. Or calentures in depths of limpid flood’. (Wordsworth). [etymology: from Spanish: calentura, calenture: heat, fever; from calentar: to heat; from Latin: calent, calens, calere: to be warm]. Synonyms: delirium, passion, ardour, fervour, fire, zeal, rapture, ecstasy’.

RESPONDENT: Is it so surprising that man has not understood or found the divine realm?

RICHARD: Not really ... it is very difficult to find – and live out in one’s daily life – an hallucination. This is why only .000001 of the population have become enlightened.

RESPONDENT: True humility is not an imitation, of course.

RICHARD: There is no such thing as ‘true humility’ ... just sticking ‘true’ in front of a word does not make it actual. All humility is nothing but the ego being very, very clever.

RESPONDENT: Just because you have not found it does not mean it does not exist.

RICHARD: This is silly ... it is like saying that just because we have not found the little green men on Mars it does not mean that they do not exist. Next you will be coming out with that hoary one of demanding that I prove that your god does not exist. I see what you mean, now, when you say that you do not know whether you are a rational and mature adult yet.

RESPONDENT: Humility is a relationship with something greater.

RICHARD: I take it that you are referring to a relationship which involves self-deprecating capitulation and servile submission to some imagined deity?

(Humble: having or showing a low estimate of one’s own importance; of an action or thought offered with or affected by such an estimate; lacking assertion, deferential, obsequious).

RESPONDENT: There is such a thing as the genuine thing.

RICHARD: It does not exist. It has never existed and never will exist. It is but a product of a lost, lonely, frightened and very, very cunning entity called ego.

RESPONDENT: If you have any valid insights, then get on with discussing them.

RICHARD: I have much to say ... and I have said it and still do say it. You, however, arbitrarily dismissed some of it in one and a half sentences when writing to another. Vis.:

• [Respondent]: ‘The word emotion is anathema to those who have accepted the belief that ... ... emotion is a hold over from our animal background. And that it prevents observation’.

Now, there are those who hold the ‘Tabular Rasa’ philosophy – only at the expense of ignoring biology and denying that the human animal is an animal – and maintain that all the ills of humankind are the result of conditioning. Yet they cannot successfully answer the conundrum they thus create: who conditioned the first sentient beings to emerge on this planet? (There was even one woman who told me recently that girl-babies are born without aggression ... and that men put aggression into them). Yet I ask people to not only look at emotions ... I stress the entire affective faculty. That is: emotion, passion and calenture. What do you have to say about passion? Vis.:

• [Respondent]: ‘To be ‘righteous’ is to life rightly, from truth, from awareness. I will bring passion to everything I do because I cannot allow society to inhibit the flow of energy as love which is what I AM’.

Now, the word ‘calenture’ is an incredibly useful word as it describes the delirious passion needed to manifest the delusion that:

1. There is a God ... and:
2. I am that God.

(Calenture is a name formerly given to various fevers occurring in tropics, among sailors, which sometimes led the affected person to imagine the sea to be a green field, and to throw himself into it. Vis.: ‘calenture; n.: [1593; ka-len-chur]: a form of furious delirium accompanied by fever; calenturally; adv.: to see as in the delirium of one affected with calenture: [poetic]: ‘Hath fed on pageants floating through the air. Or calentures in depths of limpid flood’. (Wordsworth). [etymology: from Spanish: calentura, calenture: heat, fever; from calentar: to heat; from Latin: calent, calens, calere: to be warm]. Synonyms: delirium, passion, ardour, fervour, fire, zeal, rapture, ecstasy’).

And what do you have to say about your experience when he brings passion into his life so as to manifest the ‘energy of love which is what I AM’? The ‘god-words’ like ‘sacred’ are used. Vis.:

• [Respondent]: ‘A simple blade of grass looked at from thought may seem beautiful. But when that same blade of grass is looked at without thought, it is seen as awesome and sacred’.

This is a prime example of the affective faculty – endowed by blind nature as instinctual passion – at work. One simply stops the only intelligence there is – human thought – and allows passion to rule, eh? Coincidentally, Mr. Jiddu Krishnamurti recommends the same course of action ... as do all the Saints and Sages, Gurus and God-men, Messiahs and Masters, Avatars and Saviours down through the ages. This is the ‘Tried and True’ ... it has had thousands of years to demonstrate its efficacy for bringing about peace-on-earth and it has failed again and again. The time-honoured methods of living a life happily and harmoniously have failed miserably, yet peoples persist in travelling the hoary path, again and again, thinking it is they who are doing something wrong by not applying ‘The Teachings’ correctly. Nobody has the temerity to question the ‘wisdom’ of the ages.

I did ... and I do. How many times must a person trek, eagerly or tiredly, along a path that is well-worn with the countless feet that have trodden it previously, before they will become suspicious enough to relinquish their fascination with such spurious solutions? It is so much fun finding an alternative way of living ... and the rewards are immensely gratifying. Each day one’s life becomes better and better, as one becomes clearer and cleaner ... and more pure. One sets this all in motion by discovering ‘what I am’. One of the many ‘truths’ that one has accepted, with no suspicion, is that ‘we are all emotional beings’. Feelings – emotions and passions and calentures – are accepted, without question, as being the touch-stone of actuality. Thus ‘who I really am’ is an affective ‘being’ ... a psychological or psychic entity residing inside this body. This may be real, but it is not actual. ‘I’, as an affective ‘being’ am not a fact ... ‘I’ am a belief. A belief is an emotion-backed thought, generally supported by the ‘outside’ world. The people who were already here when one was born impressed upon one that ‘I’ am real ... implying that ‘I’ am actual. By actual I mean tangible, substantial. ‘I’ am not tangible: ‘I’ am a fiction, not a fact.

By discovering what I actually am, I realise that who ‘I’ was, an affective-backed thought, was a usurper ... an alien entity having only psychological or psychic existence. ‘I’ am a ‘being’, and if by chance ‘I’ happen to ‘find myself’, then ‘I’ become a divine ‘Being’. The shift from being ‘human’ to being ‘divine’ is a move from the real-world normal reality to Divine-World abnormal Greater Reality. It is all a play in a super-charged imagination and has nothing to do with fact. It all stems from being ‘open’ and ‘humble’ and desiring to know ‘who’ one really is ... which is an invitation to ‘that which is sacred’ to enter and take over one’s ‘being’. The result is to be graced with being Love Agapé and Divine Compassion ... and being charged with a sacred mission to spread the hallowed ‘Teachings’ throughout the world. This has all been done before, from the ancient to the modern, for ages unto ages, with disastrous results. Instead of bringing peace and harmony into the world, they have brought war and hate.

RESPONDENT No 59: What is Actualist Calenture? A continuous sequence of emotion-backed thoughts which give rise to yet another version of who I am and what I identify with – or who I want to be (or not be) and what I want to identify (or un-identify) with; as in a bunch of ‘my’ ideas, images, feelings and thoughts (influenced by feelings) on what Actualism seems to be all about and living according to them. (snip examples).

RESPONDENT: ... thank you for your post on this fascinating topic. I am fairly new here to this list and to experimenting with the process. Before I read your post, I wasn’t sure what calenture was ... but I do now report that I have some of the actualist variety in me. Until identified it is somewhat subtle ... and I thank you so much for listing the symptoms. Thanks again!

RICHARD: I am none too sure how a furious delirium can be ‘somewhat subtle’ ... you may find this helpful:

• ‘calenture: ka-len-chur; noun; 1593 [etymology: from Spanish: calentura; calenture heat, fever, from calentar: to heat, from Latin: calent, calens, calere to be warm.]: calenture is a name formerly given to various fevers occurring in tropics; especially to a form of furious delirium accompanied by fever, among sailors, which sometimes led the affected person to imagine the sea to be a green field, and to throw himself into it; to see as in the delirium of one affected with calenture; (Example: Wordsworth: ‘Hath fed on pageants floating through the air. Or calentures in depths of limpid flood’); synonyms: passion, ardour, fervour, fire, zeal, rapture, ecstasy.

RICHARD: [...] There is no such thing as ‘the actualist variety’ of calenture ... such a delirium that can lead the affected person to imagine the sea to be a green field, and to throw themself into it, can only arise out of a mistaken notion of what is on offer on The Actual Freedom Trust web site. Vis.:

• [Respondent No 59]: ‘... as in a bunch of ‘my’ ideas, images, feelings and thoughts (influenced by feelings) on what Actualism *seems* to be all about and living according to them’. [emphasis added].

And earlier:

• [Respondent No 59]: ‘After I suspended my major beliefs in spiritualism I started believing in Actualism ... hence I started doubting Actualism. I had the ‘actualist calenture’ you speak of, *which has absolutely nothing to do with actualism*, and this was finally dispelled with by common sense, naivety and the remembrance of a PCE ... it’s so simple that it is darn nearly impossible to comprehend whilst being a believer. [emphasis added]. (

Moreover if this train of thought, introduced just recently by a self-acknowledged spiritualist with the declared aim of applying [quote] ‘a hatchet’ [endquote] to an intellectual construct of their own invention, keeps getting some mileage it may very well come to the stage where gullible peoples are sagely discussing ... um ... ‘Actualist Rapture’, ‘Actualist Ecstasy’, ‘Actualist Euphoria’, ‘Actualist Bliss’ and so on and so on.

The actualism being presented on The Actual Freedom Trust web site has nothing to do with belief ... nowhere do I advise believing me (or anybody else for that matter) and I make this quite clear on numerous occasions.

For just one example:

• [Co-Respondent]: ‘I know a system of belief is not actual freedom; you do also ...

• [Richard]: ‘Yes ... I do not want any one to merely believe me. I stress to people how vital it is that they see for themselves.

If they were so foolish as to believe me then the most they would end up in is living in a dream state and thus miss out on the actual. I do not wish this fate upon anyone ... I like my fellow human beings. What one can do is make a critical examination of all the words I advance so as to ascertain if they be intrinsically self-explanatory ... and only when they are seen to be inherently consistent with what is being spoken about, then the facts speak for themselves. Then one will have reason to remember a pure conscious experience (PCE), which all peoples I have spoken to at length have had, and thus verify by direct experience the facticity of what is written.

Then it is the PCE that is one’s lodestone or guiding light ... not me or my words. My words then offer affirmation ... and confirmation in that a fellow human being has safely walked this wide and wondrous path.

The PCE is the litmus test ... not any claims I make (my words are designed to precipitate a PCE in the reader so that they can experience perfection for themselves and thus not have to believe me or be convinced by the sensibility of any description I offer).

Nor do I advise having faith ... or any other word of that ilk as I am on record on many an occasion as saying that belief, faith, hope, trust, and certitude play no part in attaining an actual freedom from the human condition whatsoever and are, in fact, a hindrance to success.

Put succinctly: actualism is experiential ... not intellectual.

RESPONDENT: ... [in my next email] back to No 27, who has struck me as yet another person on this list (and I am seeing more and more of such folks as this conversation unfolds) who are willing to play the Diogenes Game even before the Actualist Game: in other words, regardless of our points of agreement or contention, wanting to have integrity at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the discussion ... being entirely unwilling to allow calenture and feverish defensiveness of any kind to carry the day as we examine together what is ‘on offer’.

RICHARD: Just so there is no misunderstanding here is how you have described what you are now calling ‘the Diogenes Game’ in an earlier e-mail:

• [Respondent]: ‘I’m just playing the role of Diogenes right now, in search of an honest man’. (‘Conversation Continuing’; Monday, 04 August 2003).

Tradition ascribes to Mr. Diogenes (a Greek Cynic philosopher circa 400-325 BCE) the famous search for an honest man conducted in broad daylight with a lighted lantern. As he wound up espousing an anarchist utopia, in which human beings lived ‘natural’ lives, it is a fair bet to say that he was not an honest man himself.

So as to keep with the analogy I would make the observation that your paragraph (above), as a generalisation, epitomises both the style and content of your posts to this mailing list ... in that it encapsulates the nature of the ‘lighted lantern’ you are carrying which makes it well-nigh impossible to see what you say you are searching for.

To be more specific: you are inclined towards a certain liberality of assumptive phraseology which makes it difficult to detect any sincerity in your words ... such as the ‘being entirely unwilling to allow calenture and feverish defensiveness of any kind to carry the day’ phraseology above, for instance, as I have not been reticent about having been closely examined, over a three-year period by both an accredited psychiatrist and psychologist, and found to be having the following symptoms:

1. Depersonalisation (no sense of identity) as in no ‘self’ by whatever name.
2. Derealisation (lost touch with reality) as in reality has vanished completely.
3. Alexithymia (inability to feel the affections) as in no affective feelings whatsoever.
4. Anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure/pain) as in no affective pleasure/pain facility.

If you can satisfactorily explain how a person sans the affective faculty (the emotional/ passional/ calentural faculty), and thus its epiphenomenal imaginative/ psychic facility, could possibly ‘allow’ something which does not exist – calentures (furious deliriums) and feverish defensiveness (excited ‘self’-protectiveness) – to happen, let alone be ‘entirely unwilling’ to allow those non-existent affective/ psychic reactions to happen, I will be most surprised ... so much so that at this point I would suggest taking pause and reflecting upon your modus operandi.

‘Tis only a suggestion, mind you.

RESPONDENT: We are the creator ... We are the Absolute ... There is no objective standard defining real/unreal ... There is no objective anything ... You are it!

RICHARD: So far so good ... fairly standard solipsistic fare (solipsism is a philosophy holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing). But then: Wow!

RESPONDENT: Objective reality is pure solipsism.


I mean ...?

I am speechless!

I am ...?

I am without speech!

I ...?

Speech fails me!



RESPONDENT: The mind cannot see itself.

RICHARD: I fully agree that the mind that is busily ‘being still and knowing that it is god’ cannot see itself. Yet if that self-same mind would become genuinely concerned about the plight of humanity – and be a mind that actually cares about one’s fellow human being – then such a considerate mind would observe that it is swamped by a transmogrified and vainglorious identity that has realised that it is god for purely self-serving post-mortem reasons. Then there would be action ... and such action is not of ‘my’ doing.

Voila! The already always existing peace-on-earth becomes apparent upon ‘my’ demise.

RESPONDENT: The mind cannot see itself.

RICHARD: I must give you full marks for persistence ... maybe your mind cannot see itself but to proclaim that this experience is an absolute truth is egocentrism writ large.

RESPONDENT: But sometimes the mind sets itself as the one that knows and is separate from all that is.

RICHARD: Why? If, as you say, the surrendered mind is ‘all that is’ (as in ‘be still and know that I am god’ isness) then why on earth would such all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful being ‘sometimes set itself as the one that knows and is separate from all that is’ in the first place?

RESPONDENT: This dance continues until surrender can no longer be avoided.

RICHARD: Yet, given that ‘I am god’ in the first place – and for some bizarre reason I ‘set myself as being separate’ from myself (thus causing untold misery and mayhem on this planet) – then when I can no longer avoid surrender and I do thus surrender I surrender to ... to ... to myself?

Is this not narcissism?

RESPONDENT: The mind is useful but only part of all that is.

RICHARD: Which part? Is it ... um ... a rebellious part (like in that Christian nonsense about a perfectly created angel in heaven rebelling against its creator god and falling to gross earth as a satanic force)?

RESPONDENT: All is in unity and perfect ... even the fly on the manure pile is Divine.

RICHARD: Oh yes ... so ‘divine’ , in fact, that in India (where human ordure is oft-times deposited on top of the ground) this ‘divine’ fly spreads ‘divine’ virulence through ‘divine’ neighbourhoods causing unnecessary ‘divine’ pain and ‘divine’ suffering. In 1984 I visited India to see for myself and spent nearly three months living in the slums of what was then called Madras. The sight of tiny children with unnecessarily bloated bellies and protruding eyes all covered with unnecessary pestilent running sores lying on their unnecessary death-beds on the rubbish-strewn sidewalks tore at my ‘divine’ heart and on down to the depths of my ‘divine’ being (I was the full suite of transcendent feelings back then) and I knew that this ‘divine’ nonsense had gone on long enough.

This is how the mind starts seeing itself ... for that is when I actually started to care about my fellow human ... not merely transcendentally feel that I care.

RESPONDENT: It [call it whatever you like] is the foundation of all manifestation. Manifestation is the activity of that energy AS the physical universe.

RICHARD: And as this energy is affective it is – in other words – god by any name.

RESPONDENT: If it is happening why should it be labelled ‘affective’?

RICHARD: Because you said that it was the ‘foundation of all manifestation’. You even went on to say that this ‘energy’ manifests ‘as the physical universe’. You are positing an ‘it’ (which you say we can call whatever we like) that is ‘that energy’ which is fundamentally non-physical and yet powerful enough to produce such an enormous universe ... an energy that is commonly called ‘god’. Now, as this universe already is anyway, then any ‘energy’ posited to be a cause – of this universe that is always here now – is clearly an ignorant human invention based upon the dualistic need to explain anything and everything in terms of cause and effect. And what human energy is powerful enough to give birth to this imaginary god? Passionate human energy, of course. Hence the use of ‘affective’ ... it being the catch-all word for feelings like emotions, passions, calentures and so on. ‘Calenture’ is an incredibly useful word to describe this delirium that such a god exists.

RESPONDENT: You’ve got to see this one: Is this a big goof or does someone think this is for real?

RICHARD: Oh, the ‘someone’ would not only ‘think this is for real’ ... he/she would both deeply feel it to be true and instinctually know it to be real. I have had long and fascinating discussions with peoples of this particular bent over the last nineteen years (for about a week in 1981 I was ‘The Parousia’ myself ... I met the real ‘Second Coming’ in a city street one day and realised that there could not be two of ‘Him’ at the one time). It is all par for the course ... given that religiosity/ spirituality/ mysticality/ metaphysicality is a culturally institutionalised insanity anyway.

RESPONDENT: In case you don’t know who the God incarnation is he’s referring to, it’s Da Free John/Da Love-Ananda/Adi Da.

RICHARD: Yes ... also it would appear that he/she has read Mr. Douglas Adams (of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ fame) because in the fourth book (‘So Long And Thanks For All The Fish’; ISBN: 0671745530; published by Pocket Books) the hero of the trilogy, Mr. Arthur Dent (left at the end of ‘Life, The Universe And Everything’ with having lost the address for where ‘God’s Final Message To His Creation’ is to found), finally retrieves the lost message on the planet ‘Prak’ ... which reads: ‘We apologise for the inconvenience’.


• [The Actual Supreme Being]: ‘I must honestly tell you that this creation [the universe] was a mistake ... the clear proof for this is the fact that cosmic existence is dominated by suffering ... It is very important, therefore, that I offer My sincerest apology for any suffering you have had to endure. Being Itself [The Actual Supreme Being] is the only reality that can be seen as being responsible for this action [the universe coming into being] but this action occurred ‘accidentally’, without intention, as a baby just learning to walk might accidentally fall down’.

I noticed that The Actual Supreme Being apologised no less than 13 times ... that makes it all okay, apparently (as a deeply-felt apology ‘fixes’ everything).

RESPONDENT: It all gets stranger and stranger

RICHARD: Not ‘getting’ strange no ... people have been experiencing this particular calenture for centuries (if not millennia) and the ones successful enough in swaying sufficient other people get to become religious leaders. For example, if you want to see what sane people believe you may wish to access this URL:

It is reported that the ‘Princeton Research Associates’ conducted a poll for Newsweek magazine’s 1999-Nov-1 issue. They found that the following percentage of adults believe that the world will end with the battle of Armageddon as described in the Biblical book Revelation:

• 40% of American adults generally.
• 45% of Christian adults.
• 71% of Evangelical Protestants.
• 28% of non-Evangelical Protestants.
• 18% of Roman Catholics.

Of those who believe in Armageddon:

• 47% believe that the Antichrist is on earth now.
• 45% believe that Jesus will return during their lifetime.
• 15% believe that the second coming will occur as early as the year 2000 CE.

Of this group:

• 83% believe that the second coming will be preceded by natural disasters; 66% by epidemics; 62% by mayhem.
• 95% feel that they must ‘get right with the Lord’ now in the expectation that Christ will return.
• 62% feel an obligation to proselytise – to convert non-Christians.
• 68% expect to go to heaven.
• 57% believe in the final judgment where people will be divided into groups for transportation to heaven or hell.

In 1999-Oct, the ‘Pew Research Centre’ released a study called ‘Americans look to the 21st century’. They confirmed the Princeton poll, finding.

• 44% believe that Jesus will probably return during their lifetime.
• 22% say that Jesus will definitely return before 2050 CE.
• 44% believe that Jesus will probably not return during their lifetime.

RESPONDENT No. 96: Dear friends, here we have to dill with a strwnge phenomenon. Mr.Richard is saying that his was enlightened and he thought he was the parussia.In his own words. Then he met another person that was saying he was the parussia as well,and he said is impossible to be two parussias.Is like some craisy in the mental hospital saying he is Napoleon the grait and then he founds another one saying he is also Napoleon the grait.,so is not possible to be two Napoleons.....I have read about many so called enlightened persons,but nobody said I am Jessus or,this or that. The person,Mr.Richard was in halussination. I think nobody who read about Krishnamurti,Nisargadatta Maharaj etc,nobody said I am this or that. He(Mr.Richard) claims that he was enligntened for so many years,but he was just in one self deciving,halussinating state.

RICHARD: You may find a kindred soul at the following URL: [snip link]. Just in case you cannot access that link the essence of it is as follows: ‘(...) AF for me is the product of a failing enlightenment. Richard wrote me that he was the ‘parousia’and met another that was in the same state, so he thought two can not be Jesus and gave up. It reminds me of a person that things he is Napoleon the grate and meets another person, who things he is Napoleon as well and the most logical of them gives up. Was the state Richard was, one enlightened state? Or one religious psychosis? Till now, when I was reading about enlightenment, I never found one to be Jesus, unless he was in a state of psychosis, because that is what the Greek word ‘parousia’means,the second representation of Jesus. That means he was not enlightened. He is lucky he escaped the psychosis’. [endquote].

CO-RESPONDENT: Richard, you thought you were Jesus when you were enlightened?

RICHARD: Another co-respondent gained a similar misconstruction from reading only the above quote. Vis.:

• [Co-Respondent]: ‘... Richard himself destroyed all his writings during his enlightenment time, that is, when he thought to be the Paraclete (an appellation of the Holy Ghost).
• [Richard]: ‘If you could provide the text, with an appropriate reference, wherein Richard said he thought to be the Paraclete – a god spiritually, as distinct from fleshly, active in the world – for the eleven years 1981 to 1992 it would be most appreciated.
Incidentally, Richard burnt all what he had written, in that period, post-enlightenment/awakenment ... not during’.

The word Parousia – ‘Greek = presence (of persons), from pareinai be present’ (Oxford Dictionary) – in Christian Theology, and as distinct from the word Paraclete, refers to the Second Advent (aka the second coming) of the Christ (aka the Anointed One) on earth and is derived from the Latin ‘Christus’, from the Greek ‘Khristos’ (meaning ‘anointed’), from ‘khriein’ (anoint), as a translation from the Hebrew ‘masiah’ (Messiah) and refers to ‘The Messiah or Lord’s Anointed of Jewish tradition’ according to the Oxford Dictionary.

RESPONDENT: So being the Parousia is being the Christ. Correct?

RICHARD: By virtue of it being a Greek translation of the Hebrew written form of the Aramaic for ‘Messiah’ ... yes (which is why, despite ecumenicalism, the festering sore betwixt the two religions is incurable).


CO-RESPONDENT: If you don’t won’t to recount the whole thing could you just point me to a place where this is discussed on the site?

RICHARD: Here is where the above beat-up stems from:

• [Richard]: ‘If you were to re-read what you have quoted (further above) you will see that it is [quote] ‘an emotional play in a fertile imagination’ [endquote] which is fuelled by an actual hormonal substance ... and there is no way that an emotional play in a fertile imagination is, as you make out, actual (as in your ‘and are actual’ conclusion).
To give an obvious example: for about a week, in the early days of being enlightened, I was ‘The Parousia’ and it was not until I met another person who was similarly afflicted that it dawned upon me it was but an emotional play in a fertile imagination ... there was sufficient rationality operating to comprehend there could not be two (simultaneous) manifestations of the ‘Second Coming’ ...

RESPONDENT: So from the above it seems you are saying you felt/believed yourself to be the second coming of CHRIST. Is that correct?

RICHARD: It is an inherent knowing – intrinsic to the transcendental state of being popularly known as spiritual enlightenment/ mystical awakenment – that one is the expected saviour of humankind (by whatever name) ... had I been raised in a different culture (a buddhistic society for example) the nomenclature would have been different (the Maitreya for example).


RICHARD: ... • [Richard]: ‘Incidentally, this other person was far more deluded than I was ... they had manifested the typical stigmata’.

RESPONDENT: Either one is very delusional.

RICHARD: Aye ... except that whilst the one receives professional treatment for an illness the other receives reverence and/or adoration (thus having a far-reaching life-or-death influence on entire nations).

There is no prize for guessing which one of the two is the most dangerous.


RICHARD: And that is it, in its entirety, written to a person on record as saying they use Greek in their everyday vocabulary. So as to clarify this whole business I will re-post the following:

• [Co-Respondent]: ‘What do you make of Krishnamurti’s dying statement that a great energy used his body and such an energy will not re-appear for many years?
• [Richard]: ‘He was accurately and correctly reporting his experience. That Christianity has their Parousia; that Buddhism has their Maitreya; that Islam has their Mahdi; that Hinduism has their Kalki; that Judaism has their Messiah; that Taoism has their Kilin and so on all comes from the same type of experience.
It is part and parcel of being enlightened (‘I Am That’ or ‘That Thou Art’).
• [Co-Respondent]: ‘Was he delusional by any chance?
• [Richard]: ‘All enlightened beings are deluded ... the altered state of consciousness (ASC) known as spiritual enlightenment is a delusional state. I am not ‘guru-bashing’ Mr. Jiddu Krishnamurti per se ... it is the ASC itself I am targeting.
I can use the accredited writings of virtually any enlightened being to demonstrate my points’.

All what a person does, when they liken the enlightened/ awakened experience of being the Parousia, the Maitreya, the Mahdi, the Kalki, the Messiah, the Kilin, and so on, to a patient in a psychiatric ward thinking they be Mr. Napoleon Bonaparte (or Ms. Marie Antoinette or whoever), is to air their ignorance of matters transcendental in public. It is not a strange (as in atypical) phenomenon at all.

RESPONDENT: Working in the mental health field, and experiencing spiritual illumination for varying amounts of time not more than 4-6 hours ‘straight’, and no more than about 10 hours in any day) I recognize the difference of being illuminated and believing that one is illuminated and hence understand the distinction you draw in your example.

RICHARD: Good ... it is not a little thing we are doing here, on this mailing list, discussing such matters.



The Third Alternative

(Peace On Earth In This Life Time As This Flesh And Blood Body)

Here is an actual freedom from the Human Condition, surpassing Spiritual Enlightenment and any other Altered State Of Consciousness, and challenging all philosophy, psychiatry, metaphysics (including quantum physics with its mystic cosmogony), anthropology, sociology ... and any religion along with its paranormal theology. Discarding all of the beliefs that have held humankind in thralldom for aeons, the way has now been discovered that cuts through the ‘Tried and True’ and enables anyone to be, for the first time, a fully free and autonomous individual living in utter peace and tranquillity, beholden to no-one.

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