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Vineeto’s Correspondence

with Alan on List D (Slack)

(List D refers to Richard’s List D and his Respondent Numbers)

April 29 2018

ALAN: Yes, I again have the intent which was missing in Australia – hurrah! It fluctuates but is constantly there now to a greater or lesser extent. I came across a belief a couple of days ago, which ties in with what you wrote about ‘me’ wanting to remain in existence to enjoy the fruits of ‘my’ labours lol :

I was contemplating on the necessity for altruism when I happened on a belief – ‘I’ believe that humanity might succeed in bringing about peace on Earth. Which translates as – ‘I’ believe ‘I’ do not need to self-immolate to bring to an end all the mayhem and malice.

I know (intellectually) that this is not going to happen and that, prior to Richard, no one has ever succeeded despite thousands of years of well intentioned attempts. I also know (intellectually) that ‘I’ know – at the depth of ‘my’ being – that this is correct which gives rise to ‘my’ resentment at being alive. I also know (intellectually) that there is one solution and one solution only – and that ‘I’ (and only ‘I’) have the ability to manifest that solution. ‘I’ have yet to accept this as a fact. To do so would mean there is no choice – hence the ‘irrevocability’.

Which is where rememorating that experience of evil being inherent to the human condition (‘me’) - and which it is impossible to eliminate from within the human condition (it is intrinsic to it), as you said - is so, so valuable.


Getting closer indeed – and hence the utter importance of scrupulous honesty with yourself.

ALAN: There has been an interesting discussion on slack which I have copied to a word file you can access here

And, yes, I know you are not going to become involved in any more slack discussions. I thought you and Richard might be interested and I would appreciate your clarification on two things - as a little bit of back pressure and confirmation for me:

Does seriousness end upon self-immolation? I was certainly under the impression that it does. Similarly, is apperception an ongoing experience after becoming actually free? I do not see how it can be otherwise – as I posted on slack. In both questions I mean before becoming fully free.

VINEETO: As for the discussion on Slack you sent me – I can fully relate to No. 15’s statement that –

• [Respondent No. 15]: “I had the impression when I first became newly free that apperception was occurring all the time.”

This was exactly my experience just after becoming actually free (and not merely an impression), and it was so startling and so exactly as Richard had described it that I was just amazed, and revelled in this 360 degree awareness. The experience of apperception also included that everything (regarding knowledge and memory of experience) is at your fingertips but only activated when needed. There was an incredible clarity of mind, wonder and amazement, just as I described it in the first reports of the direct-route-mail-out.

However, as Richard reported on List D quoted below, as I interacted more and more with people and everyday affairs, I started to become aware of certain behaviour patterns continuing and a diminution of the startling clarity of the first few days after becoming free. In other words, the guardian, “the shadowy remnants of the social identity” established itself and influenced how I was behaving and experiencing myself

This is not only understandable, given the radical change that an actual freedom from the instinctual passions is, but possibly also necessary to ensure a non-disruptive transition from feeling being to being fully actually free.

However, by the time Richard returned from India, I was ready and eager to put the ‘guardian’ to rest, and move towards a full actual freedom, and Richard and I had many intensive conversations to bring this about sooner rather than later.

About 6 weeks after Richard’s return a day came when, sitting at the dining table of his houseboat, I briefly experienced myself as two – the (shadow) identity of the guardian and the actual Vineeto. I experienced the relief of the guardian to be finally able to confidently lay down the burden of guarding over the newly-free Vineeto and then it faded with a sense of having a job well-done to the end and gladly being finally redundant. Suddenly there was only one me, the actual me, fresh and innocent, a bit like a kid alone in this wonderful playground of the actual world.

I was still not fully free then, and many more things had to happen, but a decisive event had occurred to bring me closer to a full actual freedom.

Here is Richard’s report about the guardian (shadow) identity on mailing list D in which Richard also explains why he never talked about a distinction between newly free and fully free before more than one person became actually free –

• [Richard]: He [Justine] does seem to be unaware that, by choosing to not communicate further, he cuts himself off from access to the wealth of information personally gleaned from the other daring pioneers referred to in my emailed response to his request. [Footnote in tool tip]:


• [Richard to Justine]: ‘(...). Please note that, as I am speaking not only from my own direct experience – from 11 years of genuine, full-blown enlightenment/ awakenment plus 20+ years of an actual freedom – but also from an on-going personal interaction, on a daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis, with those peoples here in Australia who are unmistakably either newly free (actually free from the instinctual passions/the feeling-being formed thereof) or nowadays fully free (actually free of identity in toto/the entire affective faculty) via having completed the transitional process, this is not merely a matter of opinion. (...)’. (Re: RICHARD’S PLACE!; Sent: Sat 30/03/2013 1:34 PM).

For example, due to this wealth of hands-on experiencing, there is now sufficient data to have established a trait common to the first wave of pioneers ... to wit: the persistence of a (pseudo) identity – the shadowy remnants of the social identity (which, being a societal construct and not instinctual in nature, lingers on as a ‘guardian’ until the transitional process is complete) – which can arrogate bodily control and dictate how an actual freedom *should* be acted out.

(As this has only applied to that first handful of daring pioneers – those becoming (newly) free prior to the personification of pure intent in both its masculine and feminine aspects – there was not only no reason for me to write publicly about it but, because of its irrelevance being unnecessarily confusional, there was also good reason for me not to).

For another example: a person living the full actual freedom from the human condition, such as Vineeto unmistakably is, not only experientially knows they are living in the ‘magic wonderland’ (what Justine calls ‘RICHARD’S PLACE’) but thereby also knows, experientially, that Richard cannot possibly confirm it unless he is physically present.

In other words, the fact Justine wrote and requested confirmation from a Nine-Thousand-Kilometres-Away-Richard informed me he was not living in that magic wonderland.

(And all he has written, especially recently, merely verifies it).

‘Tis marvellous how cleanly everything operates here in this actual world (where nothing ‘dirty’, so to speak, can gain a foothold)! (Richard, List D, No. 40, 20 May 2013)

Cheers Vineeto


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